Red Brand has created a unique way to build awareness and educate students on the importance of correct selection, calculation and installation of agricultural fencing for the wide variety of needs they may encounter as future farmers, property owners and ag business leaders.

The Curriculum Kit includes everything needed to present Fence 101, including a flash drive with
Teaching Materials, a Quick Reference Guide and Red Brand's Fence Pocket Guide.

The Teaching Materials on the flash drive include comprehensive PowerPoint presentations and printable PDFs of the Instructor's Manual, Quizzes & Handouts, Quick Reference Guide and Certificate of Completion.

Each of the five lessons is approximately 50 minutes in length, making the program manageable for most classroom situations. And, no matter the background or level of expertise, instructors will find this program easy and fun to teach.

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Session 1: Fence Basics Session 2: Fence Manufacturing Session 3: Fence Planning Session 4: Fence Installation I Session 5: Fence Installation II And Course Review