Galvanization Guide


Galvanized Zinc Coating
All Red Brand® fence is galvanized, which means the steel has been immersed in molten zinc and is covered with a zinc alloy that is resistant to rust. Red Brand® fence uses three classes of zinc coating (Commercial, Class 1 and Class 3). Each class is associated with a minimum coating weight per square foot of wire.


Refer to the illustration table to see the classes of coating featured with different Red Brand® fence products.


Type or Class Minimum ASTM Coating Weight
on 12-1/2 Gauge Wire
Regular Coating Regular None
Class 1 Coating Class 1 .28 oz/ft2
Class 3 Coating Class 3 .80 oz/ft2


Galvanization Guide
RB Red Brand® Traditional – Class 1 galvanized wire
EL Red Brand® Extended Life – Class 3 galvanized wire
HT Red Brand® High Tensile – Class 3 galvanized wire
S Sierra Agricultural Fence – Commercial galvanized wire
CG Red Brand® Commercial Galvanized wire


Strength Terminology
Tensile strength refers to the force needed to pull one square inch of steel apart. It is measured in pounds per square inch (abbreviated PSI). ASTM 116 Standards classify tensile strength as follows:


Class Tensile Strength (PSI)
Low Tensile 60,000
Medium Tensile 125,000
High Tensile 175,000


Break strength refers to the force needed to break a specific wire sample.


Yield strength refers to the force beyond which the steel will not go back to its initial length. If a customer tightens a steel wire at or close to its yield strength at installation, then temperature changes may eventually cause the wire to sag, as its ability to expand and contract with heat and cold is compromised.

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