Knowing Your Knots

Many heavy-gauge wire fence styles are made by "tying" sections of wire
together with knots. Red Brand fence uses three types of knots, each with a
specific advantage.


Monarch KnotMonarch Knot FenceMonarch® Knot
The Monarch Knot acts as a hinge that gives under pressure, then allows the fence to spring back into shape.

Square Deal KnotSquare Deal Knot FenceSquare Deal® Knot
The construction of the Square Deal Knot prevents Red Brand fence from buckling or sagging. It provides extra strength and rigidity with flexibility for ideal installation over hilly terrain.

Cross Lock KnotCross Lock Knot FenceCross Lock® Knot
The Cross Lock Knot firmly affixes the fence wires together providing superior resistance to movement from animal penetration or from severe snows.

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